Slut Next Door

Posted December 20th, 2006 by admin

What’s up, everybody! Ready for something fresh and yummy? Sure you are! ? Wonder what I’m gonna show you this time? I’ve watched “Girl Next Door” a couple of days ago – damn, this shit was inspiring! The only thing I didn’t like about the plot was the way they called this blondie (BTW, what celeb was it – Elisha Cuthbert?). They called her an ex-pornstar… EX-pornstar!!! There ain’t no shit like an EX-pornstar in the world!!! Time to check out my exclusive comic version of the movie “Slut Next Door”!))

Slut nex door sex cartoons Slut nex door sex comics

I guess she”d look much better doing something hardcore instead of fooling around with this poor babyboy – that’s why I decided to draw her getting a real nice doggy-style sex from him. No Hollywood special effects – just a couple of buckets of jizz hovering around this nude juicy kitty. )))

See the full version of this comics at SINFUL COMICS!

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